A Getting up in the morning seems to be one of the toughest first world problems. We go to bed thinking “I’m going to get up early tomorrow” and then it’s suddenly 6:30 am, the alarm clock is ringing, but the bed is so comfortable and warm and outside world seems so cold and tiresome. I better get some more sleep so I won’t be tired throughout the day.

Then you wake up again and it’s 2 in the afternoon. Half of your day is gone and you missed your lectures. Oh well, let’s just try again tomorrow.

Does that sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re just one of many who have problems with getting up early in the morning. I’ve built this website to help you and the rest of us get our sleep cycles in order with the best alarm clocks and techniques that will improve our sleep.

Life is far too valuable to waste it in bed much more than it is necessary. It’s time to reclaim our mornings and grab life by the balls.

Now get up!

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