Which Is the Best Alarm Clock App to Get You Up Every Morning?

Are you always late, no matter how hard you try?

If you answered yes, then you are in need of an alarm clock. Sure there is a standard alarm clock on all smartphones and they are OK but sometimes people need some extra enthusiasmin their alarm clocks. If you sleep wonderfully through any type of alarm tone, you have to get one of these awesome alarm clock apps:

Alarm Pro – Free

Alarm ProAlarm Pro has one of the greatest interfaces you will ever encounter during the extensive testing of alarm apps. The app has a very neat and polished look about it and works relatively well. The white and red blend of the app makes it one of the most attractive ones to use. It is not just an app to get you up in the mornings, it can be used for several other needs such as: a built in calendar, birthday list to make sure you don’t forget and a countdown option

You can record your own individual tone to wake you up. This ensures for an excellent way to wake up.

Price Device Feature Quality
Free Android Built in calendar ***

Puzzle Alarm Clock – Free

Puzzle-Alarm-ClockSometimes you have to make use of the heavy guns. The Puzzle Alarm Clock is the one of the best alarm clock apps. It is a straightforward alarm clock with a decent interface and a lot of features. You set the alarm just like normal by navigating a fresh and unassuming interface. The alarm rings at the correct time but as an alternative you are greeted with a puzzle. If you don’t to resolve the puzzle, the alarm will carry on ringing. It has three very quiet tones for light sleepers and one very loud tone for all you heavy sleepers.

Price Device Feature Quality
Free Android Puzzle *****

Alarm Clock Plus – Free

Alarm Clock Plus by Binary TacticsIf you are considering a basic and modest alarm clock app, then Alarm Clock Plus will be a great app for you. There is nothing astonishing about this app, yet it is completely dependable and gets the job done. Don’t let the simple look fool you though; the app has some excellent features too. The nap alarm clock operates like a timer and is set straightforwardly and the math alarm will need you to resolve a problem in order to switch the alarm off. You can also jiggle your device to snooze or discharge the alarm.

Price Device Feature Quality
free Android Mathematical Puzzle ****

I Can’t Wake Up – Free

I Can't Wake Up! Alarm ClockThis app consists of about 4 ways to make certain you get up at the correct time and remain awake. The Smooth Wake up selection will blur the light of your screen and increase the volume so you can get up enjoyably (for light sleepers. there is also the Awake Test which will make certain you are completely awake before entirely deactivating the alarm (for heavy sleepers). So what will happen if you flop the Awake Test? The alarm will activate again.

A great feature of the Snooze option is that it will play tunes of your choice during your 10 minute snooze.

Price Device Feature Quality
Free Android Smooth Wake Up *****

AlarmMon – Free

AlarmMonAlarmMon is one the best alarm clock app in the “entertaining category”. If you have children who want a great alarm app, this is the coolest apps you can get. AlarmMon features various creatures which are amusing and quirky. The app itself is fairly ordinary, with several alarm preferences and lists. But it’s the cartoon characters which makes it the greatest alarm clock app for children. You set the alarm and choose your preferred character. When the alarm goes off you will be welcomed with the character and sound that resembles the character you have chosen. AlarmMon comes with a broad alarm history which you can make use of to develop your morning routine.

Price Device Feature Quality
Free Android Cartoon Characters ****

Alarm Clock Xtreme – Free

Alarm Clock XtremeThis free app is another great app with regards to easiness. The modest design makes it an extremely fast app. There are broad preferences when it comes to managing your alarms. There are arithmetic problems in the app too which can be convenient if you want to stop the alarm. This app has gentle wake up selections for all those who don’t want a rude awakening. You can set the maximum total of snoozes you can get. This makes enjoying that snooze nap more satisfying yet less risky.

Price Device Feature Quality
Free Android Arithmetic Problems ****


Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)Alarmy has received the reputation of being one of the most frustrating alarm apps and the name makes a lot of sense once you begin to use it. As terrible as the name sounds, Alarmy is also very useful given that it is so annoying. There are three ways you can use to deactivate the alarm. You can set the alarm to default. You can decide to shake the device to switch the alarm off. Or, you can take a photograph to match a photograph you took previously. If the photograph you take does not match up, the alarm will carry on buzzing.

Price Device Feature Quality
$1.99 iPhone Photograph Matching *****

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle alarm clock By Northcube ABThis isn’t your standard alarm clock. This is a bio-alarm clock that makes use of an accelerometer within the device to evaluate the persons’ sleeping cycle all through the night as they rotate from deep to light sleep. The app awakes the person during their lightest sleep, leaving the person feeling relaxed irrespective of how many hours they sleep.

The graphics are straightforward, understandable, and nothing notable apart from for the data chart of the previous night’s sleep which is enlightening and simple to read. A person has an option from eight calming and melodious alarm clock sounds, the choice of their own songs, or a regular alarm clock sound to get up to. Similar to a standard alarm clock, a person can select the snooze option between 1 to 20 minutes.

Price Device Feature Quality
$0.99 iPhone iPhone and iPod Touch *****

Step Out! Alarm Clock

Step Out Of Bed! Smart alarm clockIf you are the type of individual who has a hard time getting up after you’ve switched off your alarm, this application might help you from being delayed. The only way it switches off is if you get up and climb out of bed. It uses superior image detection and step tracking detection to make certain you don’t go back to sleep. Take a photograph to confirm that you are up instead of sleeping. It includes an operational alarm with a vibrating element, a sleep regulator so you can listen to your tunes as you take a nap off.

Drice Device Feature Quality
$1.99 iPhone & iPod Touch Image detection *****

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock By Andres CanellaAn additional app that works to make certain you are not going to go back to sleep is the Wake N Shake Alarm. You’ll have to wobble, quiver, and shake your way out of bed. You are forced to shake until you are wide awake. It contains a bright light to make certain you can see the bright light flickering when the alarm goes off. There are 24 diverse alert bells to keep your mornings dynamic.

Price Device Feature Quality
$2.99 iPhone Shaking Features *****

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