The Best Yoga Poses to Sleep Better and Relax Your Body

After a long exhausting day, there’s nothing better than a thought of a cozy bed. But as we know, going to bed and falling asleep are hard to do when your mind is still stressed. There’s a simple solution to help you relax before bedtime– yoga! If you’re having a hard winding down after a long day of work, make sure to follow these beginners’ yoga poses to sleep better.

You may think, oh – I am too exhausted for yoga, but yoga is not always full on workout. We picked a few subtle yoga poses which will help you relax. You don’t have to do one hour of exercise. 5-15 minutes are enough.

Who is yoga for?

If you are looking an alternative to standard remedies for sleep, yoga is a fun activity. You will soon feel many benefits. Mostly, you will feel more connected to your body and yourself. However, some of these poses can trigger symptoms or pain if you suffer from injuries or some diseases, so better check in with a health professional if you aren’t sure you are ready for them.

Remember: yoga is about being in touch with your body and being able to listen to it. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Ease into the poses by breathing with intention. Set your mind to relax and promise to yourself to make the most of each pose. If you do that, you’ll have a long full night of sleep ahead of you.

How does yoga work?

Yoga poses are a great way for relaxing the muscles, relaxing, and massaging your body. These poses have great benefits on your brain, as they will calm down your central nervous system and boost you immune system.

Viparita Karani

In this pose, you put your legs straight up the wall. Try to get as close to the wall as you can, but consider your level of flexibility. You may not succeed on your first try, as your legs will fall to the left or right. But don’t worry, you will soon find your balance.

Hold this pose for 5-15 minutes. A few minutes are enough in the beginning. Take slow, deep breaths.

Viparita Karani will help with soreness, as it drains the lymph and lactic acid from the legs. It will help with restless legs that prevent you to sleep. It relieves headaches and lower-back pain, boosts energy and soothes menstrual cramps.

Be careful with this pose if you suffer from glaucoma, hypertension or a hernia.

yoga pose with legs up the wall


Savansa pose is easy to do, but hard to achieve! Lying down may seem natural, but the relaxation doesn’t come on demand. Be patient with this one. This pose is perfect for you to learn how to relax your body gradually.

Your mind may start to wander and you make you feel more and more anxious. Questions like “Have 15 minutes passed yet” or “Why am I not relaxed already” are to be expected. Stick with it and remember that this is only a part of the process. You will learn how to bear with these thoughts and start to relax.

You can do this pose for as long as you feel like. In the beginning, 5 minutes will feel like a lifetime. Over time, you will find every extra minute delightful. You won’t be in any rush to leave such deep relaxation.

Savansa pose can relieve high blood pressure and headaches. It helps with mild depression and anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia.

If you suffer from severe pain or acid reflux, this might not be the pose for you, as it might make you feel uncomfortable and too aware of your of your pain.

yoga pose lying down


This one is a bit tricky but worth it! Bend your left leg and put it near your groin. Now bend your right leg and stick it behind your left bending knee. Place your hands on your knees and keep your spine straight. Imagine a string that connects your belly button, heart and head, pulling them upwards.

This pose helps with balancing and regulating your reproductive organs, hormones and prostate troubles. Your nervous system will calm down as well.

Be careful with this pose if you had any surgeries or injuries recently. If you are not flexible enough yet, don’t force it and start with modified versions of the pose.

the most famous yoga sitting pose

Marjaryasana & Bitilasana

This pose is mostly called the cat-cow pose.

Go on your knees, put hands under your shoulders and stay in a neutral position. Your knees should stay aligned with your hips. Relax your body. Start with the cow pose. Tuck your belly in. Take a deep breath and move your belly toward the floor, bending your back. Do not let your belly collapse. Look up to the ceiling and hold it for a few seconds, slowly and deeply inhale. Then slowly return back to center.  As you exhale, go to the cat pose pulling your belly button toward your spine. Repeat this a few times, for as long as it feels comfy.

These two poses improve flexibility and coordination of your physical movement. They help with the regulation of your breathing which will calm you down and relieve stress, and do wonders for the health of your spine.

Avoid this poses if you have wrist, knee or head/neck injuries.

the cat and cow yoga pose


We picked some of many yoga poses to sleep better just for you! These poses will help you relax physically and mentally. A few minutes of yoga exercises are an amazing addition to your evening routine, as it will not only make you feel better but help you sleep soundly as well. It’s a simple and pleasant way for you to return to yourself after a busy day in the comfort of your room.

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