5 Healthy Coffee Alternatives That Will Energize You

While coffee is well appreciated it all over the world and has many health benefits, there are a few reasons to quit it. It’s a personal or medical choice, but either way, it may be hard to quit it. We chose the top 5 coffee alternatives for you to keep your energy levels up and daily routines pleasant.

Should you switch to coffee alternatives?

If coffee makes you anxious, gives you jitters and energy crashes, changes your heartbeat or just doesn’t feel right in your body and mind, you should try alternatives. Coffee alternatives also provide different health benefits and can add something new to your routines whit its flavors, aromas, and effects.

How do coffee alternatives work?

This depends on the substitutes and how they act in the body. Healthy coffee alternatives improve your overall health, which makes you feel better, more energized, focused, stable and calm. They usually contain less or none caffeine and won’t make you anxious. You can incorporate them into your daily routines or put them in your favorite recipes.

Some people appreciate changes like these, others have troubles when it doesn’t taste or feel exactly like coffee. These substitutes work differently, so you may give some time to get used to them or try to experiment with different alternatives to find the best for you.

Choose the best coffee alternative for you based on the flavors, textures, aromas, and forms:

Item Brand Form Sizes Price
NOW Maca 500mg NOW Capsules 100, 200, 360 $
Java Chicory Herbal Coffee Teeccino Ground powder 11 ounce, pack of 1, 2 or 3 $
Pero Instant Beverage Pero Ground powder 7 ounce $
Vanilla Almond Black Tea The Republic Of Tea Tea bags 21 sizes $
Matcha Green Tea Jade Leaf Matcha powder 4 sizes $

NOW Maca 500mg

Maca works differently than other energy boosting substances. Maca doesn’t contain caffeine or sugar and boosts your energy without stressing your adrenal glands. It boosts energy with nutrition and by balancing hormones.

You can get bottles of 100, 250 or 360 capsules.


Provides energy boost

Doesn’t cause anxiety

No jitter or sweats

It wears off gradually

Helps with coffee cravings


Not good for people with thyroid problems

Possible weight gain

Mood changes

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A bottle of NOW Maca supplement

Java Chicory Herbal Coffee

This herbal coffee contains polyphenols and plant micronutrients. It gives you an energy boost without the crashes, and you can drink any time of the day. It comes in three 11 ounce sizes; a pack of one, pack of two or pack of three.


Energy boost from nutritious, no stimulants

No caffeine

Similar taste to coffee

Won’t cause acidic issues like coffee might


Not gluten free

Some find it too sweet and too tea like

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A bag of coffee

Pero Instant Beverage

This fine beverage of barley, malted barley, chicory, and rye can be enjoyed hot or cold. You can add milk, sugars or spices.


Goes with cocoa to get an extra energy boost

Smells and tastes like coffee

No caffeine

No gastrointestinal problems


It’s not gluten-free

Some don’t find it strong enough

Some find the texture too powdery

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A box of pero beverage

Vanilla Almond Black Tea

This tea has carefully combined ingredients to create mindblowing taste: black tea, vanilla beans, almond and vanilla flavors, and almond bits. This is a great coffee alternative since it still contains some caffeine but it not as aggressive.


A nice change of a coffee morning routine taste

Less caffeine and acid than coffee

great for hot and cold beverages

calms the upset stomach

you can drink it many times per day


Not as potent as coffee, you may need to use more bags

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A bag of tea

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is a variety of green tea. Even though matcha contains caffeine, it also contains l-theanine, which has calming effects. You can use put it everywhere if you want to enjoy or mask the taste.


you can put it in smoothies or lattes

you can also use it in recipes

gives you energy without jitters and crashes during the day

offers focus and mental clarity

it has a mild taste


some don’t like the taste

not gluten-free

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A bag of matcha


If you want to quit coffee, there are many healthy coffee alternatives; coffee substitutes, energy supplements, and herbal teas. You can choose between many forms and flavors and get many benefits from these kinds of coffee alternatives. Choose the one that tastes, smells and feels best for you and make your days bright and exciting!

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