Exercise Your Way to Waking Up With Dumbbell Alarm Clock: Our Review

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Doing 30 reps with a 1 kilogram clock may sound like a lot of work so early in the morning, but if it gets you up then it definitely is a gadget that you need to get. We love it!

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Ever thought you would hear sleep and exercise in the same sentence?

Well, there is a great gadget that will wake you up on time and give you a great exercise routine at the same time. It is the perfect clock for all those fitness extremists.

The Dumbbell Alarm Clock review will offer you some great insight into this ingenious little gadget.

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What is The Dumbbell Alarm Clock?

Dumbbell Alarm Clock by Main SauceEveryone says they want to exercise, but this seldom happens. Joining the gym becomes a distant memory. Well at least now you can begin your day by completing some workouts with the Dumbbell Alarm Clock. This clock will keep going off until you have completed 30 reps, so it might seem irritating, but it will definitely wake you and give a mini workout.

It is perfect for people that have difficulty getting up or those who enjoy hitting that snooze button. It is definitely a grand present for the more hands-on gym members among us. Basically just set the alarm and it will go off pending your 30 reps – the ideal present for all you sleepy-heads.

Features and Specialities of The Dumbbell Alarm Clock

  • You need 3 x AA batteries (which can be bought separately, find the best-value pack here)
  • Snooze function
  • LCD backlit display
  • Exclusive dumbbell and alarm clock design stops you being delayed and keeping you fit
  • Standard and exercise alarm mode
  • Control the end of the bell to change batteries and adjust functions
  • The alarm will for no reason end, only when you lift the dumbbell clock 30 times
  • Makes you do bodily exercise straight away once you wake up.
  • Dimension are 75 by 165 mm
  • See the rest of the features here

Advantages of The Dumbbell Alarm Clock

Creative Red Dumbbell Alarm Clock This may sound a little bit irrational but at the same time doing 30 reps on an every day basis will definitely make you seem more eye-catching and physically trained. The Dumbbell Alarm Clock emerges to be an out of the box device that late sleepers will definitely welcome. Immediately set the alarm clock and be prepared to wake up on time while developing your physical strength.

The Dumbbell Alarm Clock comes with a backlit LCD display so that you can effortlessly set the required time. This fascinating device keeps you healthy in a remarkable way and if you find it hard to wake up and begin doing a few aerobics, this device will make your day.

This device has a 1kg dumbbell all enclosed up into one unique alarm clock. Set the alarm clock as usual by using the easy buttons and then wait for your wakeup call. You have to you the upward swing of the dumbbell though to switch it off – that is 30 swings of the dumbbell in an upward motion. You don’t have to keep count either as the LCD display will count it down for you.

Disadvantages of The Dumbbell Alarm Clock

One of the drawbacks this might have is if you aren’t into the whole exercising routine, then this clock won’t be a gadget you will enjoy as it does require some physical exertion to put the alarm off.

The alarm clock only comes in one type of dumbbell, which can get a bit tedious. It would have been cool if they added various types of dumbbells.

The Dumbbell Alarm Clock Review

I personally love the Dumbbell Alarm Clock as it will be the only exercise I get for the day. The concept of combining an alarm clock with an exercise routine is a brilliant idea. Doing 30 reps with a 1 kilogram clock may seem like a lot of work so early in the morning, but if it gets you up then it definitely is a gadget that you need to get.

Movement sensors within the clock can tell precisely how much reps you’ve completed and only if you do them correctly. So there is definitely no cheating. This bodybuilding clock is absolutely a great motivator to get you back in form, as well as preventing you from being late.

The clock does have a mode where you can just press a button to switch the alarm off, but this will be defeating the entire purpose of the Dumbbell alarm.


If you know of anyone who loves and breathes fitness, then the Dumbbell is the ideal device for them. This is the sergeant of all alarm clocks and requires you do to your mandatory reps. Perfect for all you late sleepers and fitness fanatics and it is definitely worth every cent. What more could you ask for in the ultimate fitness alarm clock.

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