Best Free Sleep Apps to Wake You Up In no Time!

Do you struggle to wake up in the mornings?

Do you find it extremely difficult to resist hitting that snooze button while telling yourself it’s going to be “just a couple more minutes” of sleep?

You’re certainly not alone.

For many young people around the world, waking up early in the mornings can feel like absolute torture.

What’s causing your wake-up struggles?

Sleep deprivation is our best bet.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep deprivation means anything less than 7 hours of night-time sleep.

So, let’s assume you’re a young adult and slept for four hours last night. That means that you’ve got a sleep debt of approximately 3 hours.

If you sleep for only 4 hours again tonight, you’d have accumulated a sleep debt of 6 hours!

Apparently, your system has a mind of its own, and tries to compensate for being “cheated” out of quality rest by forcing you to sleep more during the day.

That’s certainly one of the reasons you’re constantly battling to get up in the mornings. The only way to avoid sleep deprivation is to get more (and early) sleep at night!

The age-long adage still holds true: “Early to sleep, early to rise…

Using technology to beat sleepiness

Did you know that there are several free sleep apps for your phone that you could actually help you to get up in time?

We found some great Android apps that could make waking up in the mornings less dreadful. Best of all, they’re free!

Check out these 3 great sleep apps today!

Snap Me Up

If you need to get up earlier in the mornings but can’t seem to find the mental fortitude or self-discipline to do so, this app can be a real lifesaver!

This app uses a neat trick to ensure that you wake up when you need to – an alarm that can only be turned off with a selfie.

How it works

At a time you set, your alarm will sound off and keep ringing until you hold the phone to your face and take a selfie.

Better still; the alarm only goes off when your eyes are fully open!

We think it’s an ingenious idea that actually forces you to get up at the right time because, by the time you’ve put in all that work to take the selfie, you’ll already be awake, mostly.

It’s a must-have for you dreamy-eyed eyed creatures out there!

Where to get it

It’s actually 100% free to download, but you’ll need to pay $1.29 to take all the ads away.

Snap Me Up app is available on the Google Playstore.

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

If you think you could sleep through a storm, this app was made especially for you!

This app goes the extra mile in ensuring that you wake up when you said you would – It makes you complete various challenges before you can turn off the alarm.

One of such challenges is a math puzzle that you can only solve when you’re wide awake.

It’s border-line impossible to sleep through this one!

Some extra features of this app include surreal alarm tones and the option to fully customize your alarm tone to whatever sound you like.

You can download this app for free from Google Playstore. You only pay $1.99 to take off the paid ads.

Runtastic Sleep Better: Sleep Cycle & Smart Alarm

If you ever used Sleep cycle app then you will find that Sleep better follows the same approach to monitoring your sleep and ensuring that you up in the morning at the right time!

Just like in the Sleep cycle app, all you need to do is put your phone on one side of your sleeping pillow and the app will track and monitor your sleep cycles for light, deep and REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep.

How it works

This app uses motion detection technology to monitor your body movements during sleep. It will continuously obtain your sleep information during the night and wake you up with a persistent alarm that is designed to really rouse you up!

The alarm can be shut off when the app detects using your body movements that you’re now fully awake.

Get this great app on the Google Playstore for free! You only pay $1.99 if you’d like to unlock the paid version.

Last Words

While these apps are great to have because they could actually help you get up earlier in the mornings, you need to also develop healthier sleep habits. There really isn’t any way around this.

In the meantime, be sure to keep following this site for sound sleep advice, and your sleep habits (and productivity levels) might just take a boost!


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