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Waking up has never been this fun and frustrating at the same time. If you’re having a hard time getting up in the morning, this target-shooting practice alarm clock will definitelly make your mind clear in moments. It also comes with different difficulty levels!

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Do you want to wake up early for once and start your day with a bang?

Then look no more, as the Gun Alarm is the perfect gadget to get your day started. You will be presented with an excellent review and some information about the Gun Alarm. Late morning will be a think of the past. Read further to find out why:

What is The Gun Alarm Clock?

iBRIGHT LLC Gun-Alarm-01 Shooting Gun RecordableWhen your alarm goes off, the target of the Gun Alarm will pop up, and you have to snatch the gun to shoot it, in order to switch the clock off!

It’s an effective way to get you up in the morning especially when the snooze button isn’t an option anymore.

This programmable alarm clock comprises of two alarm methods. When the alarm goes off, basically you point the gun and fire once to disable in standard mode. If you are truly late sleeper, then there is also the difficult mode. With the difficult mode, you have to fire at the target five times to deactivate the alarm.

To give this alarm clock a realistic approach it has a recoil action and various sound effects, to give it that shooting range type of feel. You can fire at the target from up to 18 feet away. It comes in black and white so it will effectively blend in with any furnishings in your room.

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Features and Specialities of The Gun Alarm Clock

Gun Alarm Clock:

  • Has 2 alarm methods: standard (1-shot to deactivate) and difficult (5-shot deactivate)
  • Has 2 gaming methods – one to test the reaction and one to test the accuracy
  • Dimensions: 5.25 inches (L) x 5.5 inches (W)  x 1.75 inches (H)
  • You need 4 x AA batteries (not included – get the best-value pack here)
  • Programmable alarm
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Infrared Gun:

  • Recoil action and realistic sound effects
  • Can shoot up to 18 feet
  • Dimensions: 5.62 inches (L) x 1.12 inches (W)  x 4.37 inches (H)
  • You need 2 x AA batteries (not included – we recommend these)

Advantages of The Gun Alarm Clock

In alarm clock mode, you basically set the time you want to be wake up and you have to fire a bull’s eye if you want to turn the alarm off. This will require a lot of focus so early in the morning and will definitely wake you up.

If you select the first play mode, you can attempt to shoot the target against the clock, in the hope of hitting a bull’s eye. In the second play mode, the target in fact remains concealed and then jumps up at various periods, to see how swiftly you can hit the target.

The Gun Alarm Clock is definitely great for all you late sleepers; forcing you to wake up by hitting that target. Not only is it an awesome alarm clock, but it is great for all gaming enthusiast to practice their shooting skills.

Disadvantages of The Gun Alarm Clock

The only downside is that is does require six batteries and the battery life gets drained quickly due to the infrared gun, so make sure you keep a sufficient supply of batteries just in case.

The Gun Alarm Clock Review

Lock N load Gun alarm clock target alarm clock creative clock - BlackThis has to be one of the coolest alarm clocks you will ever encounter. Not only does it wake you up in the morning, but it also turns your room into a mini shooting range. I love the fact that it comes in various difficulty modes. All it takes is one shot on easy mode and five shots on hard mode to deactivate the alarm.

Apart from being a conventional alarm clock, you can also have fun with it. You can practice your shooting skills with a realistic looking gun and you don’t even need a background check to buy it. Who knew an alarm clock could be this fun?

It also has two gaming modes so you can either check your reaction or accuracy skills. It is best to practice if you want to get a bull’s eye and turn that alarm off each morning.

Instead of furiously throwing your alarm clocks at the wall when you wake up, now you can calmly blow them out with a gun, metaphorically speaking of course.  It doesn’t fire actual bullets.


This two-piece target clock allows you to act out the vision of annihilating it while still satisfying its function and waking you from your sleep. Each morning when the alarm goes off, just pick up the toy gun that comes with the clock and shoot a few times to silence the intense alarm. Waking up has never been this fun and after a few practice shots, waking up will definitely be more pleasurable with the help of the Gun Alarm Clock.

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