10 Super-Effective Tips on How to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

sleeping womanWaking up is one thing, but actually getting up is another. Every morning, you’re suddenly thrown out of a pleasant dream into the real life with its real life problems. I mean, what’s the point when you can just deal with all of that later? You’ll perform a lot better when you’re well rested anyway. It’s best to just go back to sleep.

And then it’s 12:00 am and you still haven’t accomplished anything. Tomorrow, you’ll get up early for sure. But then it’s the next day and you just can’t get out of bed in the morning. What to do? This article will give you a few ideas that you can try out. And when you’re done reading, there’s a part two of these tips.

1. Drink water before sleep

This simple tip might work for some people – before going to bed, drink a glass of liquid so you have to pee in the morning and that will definitely get you up. Didn’t work for me however as I’d just go back to bed after I’m done, but it may work for you.

2. Drink water after waking up

This one is a lot better. Make sure to put a glass of cold water beside your alarm clock and then drink it as soon as you wake up. The water will help you wake up and you’ll feel significantly more refreshed than before since your body just went an entire night without hydration.

I’ve noticed best results with a 0.5 l water bottle, and you need to chug it down all at once. The feeling of drowning is hard to beat when it comes to waking up.

3. Put your alarm clock away from bed

This one works very well combined with #2: put your alarm clock and a glass of water somewhere else in the room (or even in another room, see tip #5). When alarm clock wakes you up, get out of bed and drink the water. Moving around will hopefully wake you up enough to get your morning started.

There’s also a tougher version available: lock your alarm clock into a box, and put the key somewhere far, far away (like outside). You’ll need to walk out to retrieve the key before turning off ringing. A variation of this is to put your alarm clock on a high enough place so that you need to use a chair to reach it. Put the chair in the next room.

4. Use a ‘special’ alarm clock

The main benefit that physical alarm clocks have over alarm clock apps and its other digital counterparts is that they’re much harder to turn off. A phone can always be restarted or shut off – alarm clocks not so much. Some of them (the ones we recommend) also have different features that make them even harder to turn off. Have you ever tried lifting a weight 30 times or shooting a target to shut off the alarm? Well, it’s about time you have.

We have reviews of some of the toughest alarm clocks, be sure to check them out here.

5. Use a code scanning alarm clock app

As mentioned, the problem of getting out of bed in the morning is being recognised by app developers, too. That’s why lots of alarm clock apps are popping up recently and some have pretty cool features, for example code scanning. Here’s how it works: you scan a QR or a BAR code with the alarm clock app, then set the time. In the morning, it starts ringing and will only turn itself off when the correct BAR code is scanned. At Now Wake Up, we use “I can’t wake up” app for Android and Barcode Alarm Clock for iOS.

6. Use a Math alarm clock app

Similarly to #5, these apps only shut up when you’ve solved a couple of mathematical problems. You can typically pick the level of these problems, and how many show up before turning off the sound. It’s a great way to get your mind started and to really wake up.

Again, we recommend “I can’t wake up” for Android and Math Alarm for iOS.

7. Wake up with light

In the winter, it gets dark a whole lot quicker and it stays that way for longer. That’s a problem if your shift starts at 5:30 am as your body might not agree with the fact that it’s already morning if it’s still dark out. A light therapy alarm clock will gently wake you up by simulating a sunrise – which sounds like a much more pleasant way of getting up than waking up to dark, cold mornings, no?

8. Sleep fully clothed

This tip may seem odd – especially since many articles about good sleep recommend quite the opposite. But bear with me for a moment there.

Especially when it’s cold outside, it’s very hard to drag yourself out of bed in the morning. Your sleepy brain will tell you that it’s far too cold to crawl from underneath the sheets and if you’re anything like me, you’ll listen. What worked for me was wearing training pants and a hoodie (!) to bed so that I was all warm in the morning. It really works!

9. Practice your morning routine

Here’s the idea: you should rehearse your morning actions so that they become automatic. And you should do that in the middle of the day, and a few times. Pretty strange if you ask me and it honestly didn’t work for me, but maybe give it a try anyway.

10. Reset your sleep schedule

This one is probably the most important and the most efficient. Without a consistent sleep schedule, all alarm clocks and water bottles in the world won’t help. Getting to sleep and waking up at the same time every day is the only thing that will surely get you out go bed in the morning. Want to know more? Read this article.

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