How to Stop Procrastinating and Gain Confidence in Yourself

They say good things come to those who wait, but not all of them! As it turns out your apartment doesn’t get clean by itself, work doesn’t get magically done while we nap and dinner doesn’t cook itself either. In this post we will go through how to stop procrastinating and build confidence in yourself.

It is important to get enough sleep, to enjoy your day and relax, but these things are hard to do when we have more and more things that we haven’t done on our minds. Not to worry, we prepared a five-step process for you on how to stop procrastinating. You’ll see it’s perfectly simple to follow!

Who is this guide for?

This will work for everyone that has a problem with procrastinating and getting stuff done. We chose a wide range of suggestions, so everyone can find a way to use it in their specific situation.

How does this guide work?

First, this guide will help you face the facts and see your situation as it is. It will guide you to find appropriate solutions for your procrastinating case. Then you just have to practice it. Procrastination is a habit you have to break, so it will take some time for your productivity to become automatic. But you can come to this guide anytime for support!

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  1. Understand the reasons for procrastinating

There can be any reason for procrastinating, but most of them are a consequence of fear and doubt. Most of us subconsciously fear failure or even success! When we doubt ourselves and our abilities, it’s easier not to do something, than risk failing. But remember, you can’t succeed if you never try. You can always try again and as many times as you need to, therefore not trying is the only guaranteed failure.

If you fear success, you fear responsibility. This brings you back to self-doubt. If this is the case, you have to first look into your fears and doubts and work on that. This is actually a good thing because you will work on yourself and benefit from getting a better self-esteem and also stop procrastinating!

Sometimes, the reason isn’t psychological. Take a moment and think about how you feel. Do you have enough energy? Are you feeling fatigued or pain? Do you have any diseases that affect your body and mind?

The chances you are just lazy are very slim, but if that’s the case this is actually good because you can skip this first step. Or if you like, you can anyway work on motivating yourself by getting in deeper contact with your dreams and goals.

A person having doubts, worries and fears

  1. Start slow

As said, procrastination is a habit you have to break. This takes time and patience. You need to start slow not lose interest and get overwhelmed, which tends to lead to more procrastination.

Organize, plan and give yourself a deadline.

Start with smaller tasks first, so you will have the feeling you’ve done most of the work already. Leave the hardest tasks to the end, so you don’t give up in the process and end up doing nothing. Remember, steps are crucial. Make a priority list. Stick with the task you started and finish it. Follow your plan and your deadlines.

With tasks that are not a priority, for example, an exercise, go slow. Start with 3 minutes per day. Working out for three minutes won’t be hard, but it will make you take a step further. This principle applies to everything. Start with one glass of water, with one push up, read one page of your next book, etc.

A person starting with exercise slowly

  1. Find inspiration and motivation

You can motivate yourself by watching others. Watch a Youtube video of a person that you admire or talk to someone that inspires you. You can read life-changing books or watch movies that will change your perspective and philosophy. Successful people and stories are contagious!

You can take notes, set a motivating background or put an inspiring poster in your wall. The more you read it, see it or say it to yourself, the more you will believe it and start to live it!

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  1. Interact with others

Sometimes it is easier to do things with someone because they will either push you forward or make a task more pleasant. It always feels better not to do tasks alone, especially if we have a hard time doing them. Set a date and time and you won’t be able to procrastinate because it will become an arrangement, and that will help keep yourself accountable.

You can also tell your people about your goals. By talking about it you can think about them, discuss them and get excited to do them. Also, when you will talk to those people next time, they will ask you about it and you will want to tell them about your progress. This is a great trick to stop procrastinating!

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Extra tips

You will do great with your first steps! To be the most productive, we advise you to mind the distractions in your environment. Sometimes, procrastination happens when you are already sitting in front of the computer thinking about a task you need to do, but are avoid doing by being distracted by something else (perhaps with reading this article?;). Let’s see what you can do. Mute social media notifications, put your phone away, and keep only 2-3 tabs (as much as you need) open. Set yourself a small goal or task. Focus on it, and the more you will accomplish, the easier it will be to start the next day.


Procrastination is a habit that’s on your way to productivity and prevents you from really enjoy your free time. What’s worse, is that it slowly makes you feel worthless and unable to accomplish anything. If you stop procrastinating, you stop wasting time and will accomplish your goals, even if little by little. All the thoughts about how much you still haven’t done but should are damaging, so we need to put those away!

Contemplate how an ideal day would look like to you. What’s stopping you? How can you make the most out of that day? Breaking procrastination will allow you to enjoy your free time, and in, fact, it will give you more free time. We sure hope that’s great motivation!

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