Free and easy to use mental health apps to support you on your journey

Nowadays, most of us experience anxiety, depression, insomnia, low self esteem and high levels of stress at some point of our lives. Even though mental health issues are rising, it seems we rarely get the help we really need.

Friends and parents often don’t understand or won’t hear what you are saying. You are treated as a number and the diagnosis by doctors, psychotherapy is expensive. Besides, there if of course stigma attached to mental health challenges, so sometimes it might feel easier to suffer alone than risk opening up and get shamed, laughed at or not taken seriously.

If you find yourself in this position, you don’t have to go through it all alone. There are some great apps out there that really help to ground you, calm you down and get you through your challenges in life.

Beware, this article does not promote app use over human contact, conversations or getting professional help. We only suggest it as an alternative or as additional help you can use to cope, among other strategies you already have, can develop or can get in your community.

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There are many mental health apps out there, but it’s hard to find one that is free and actually helps. We picked 8 apps we find useful and helped many people with their mental health challenges.

What’s up? – Mental health app

This app is easy to use when you feel overwhelmed. It has a very clean look and a clear structure.

You can use different features to ground yourself: read about anxiety, depression, stress, anger and self-esteem to understand it better and also to understand what is going on with you can help to cope with what you are experiencing.

You can turn to coping strategies that you can use whenever or you can tap on “help right now” option to calm down immediately. It’s good to have emergency options!

It also allows you to keep track of what’s going on with you. You can keep a diary for your thoughts and feelings, track your positive and negative habits and write notes.

Last but not least, there is a forum where you can read about experiences from other people and interact with them.


This app has a unique and entertaining look! The colors and animations are extremely warm and friendly, and this alone can calm you down.

You can externalize your thoughts, beliefs and feelings with these funny yet adorable creatures that represent anxiety, panic attacks, worry and others.

Those little guys may convince you that everything isn’t as catastrophic as we might think it is!

If you are feeling really out of it and need immediate help, you can tap on SOS button. This feature has audio with a calm voice that helps you go through it. Choose this if you are too overwhelmed to do anything else or you prefer hearing a voice calming you down and reassuring you that you are going to be okay.

The app offers a few relaxation options if you’re feeling stressed out, but is also useful for taking a pause in the middle of the day too. Nothing better like a legitimate excuse to take a break!


Woebot is great if you want to talk your feelings out. When your thoughts are all over the place and you are feeling like you are going to explode if you don’t talk about it and let it out, this is the app for you.

Woebot offers you a conversation with a robot that understands you and supports you by talking and offering you some coping strategies.

The app is based on cognitive behavioral therapy. It is easy to understand and deal with your situation, it makes you feel less alone as it is very interactive.

It also keeps you busy with a dynamic conversation and supports you by talking it out in a constructive and grounding way.

It’s kind of funny talking to a robot, because robots aren’t supposed to have feelings. But I am telling you, this robot has the biggest heart!


Pacifica app helps you to live your life the way you want to. You chose your own goals (to feel happier, to decrease anxiety, to build confidence or improve social skills, to live healthier and many others).

This app is very useful to remind you to take care of yourself during stressful times.

It offers relaxation with meditation that are specific to your needs. It is great for learning long-term skills!

Inner Hour

This app can help you with stress control, mood management, worry and anger management, to sleep better and to live happier.

First, you answer a few questions. Based on your answers, the app creates a 28-day program for you.

Through the program you learn coping activities, you set and practice healthy goals and identify your triggers and barriers.

It’s easy to use and encourages you to make small steps that make a big difference! Sounds promising, right?

Recovery road eating disorder management

RR eating disorder management app allows you to set clear goals and take a look at your coping mechanisms. It makes your behaviors very transparent, which allows you to improve them.

App is designed by respecting the fact that eating habits and challenges are very personal. It offers a subtle combination of accepting you and taking care of you, until you learn how to do it yourself.

If you skip a meal it reminds you of your obstacles, but at the same time it encourages you that the obstacles are just a part of your path and that’s absolutely okay!

You can set your own personal goals. For example, if eating regularly is your goal, this app helps you by reminding you to eat.

It offers very personal and positive images and quotes as a reward and motivation to keep going as you are making a significant progress!

PTSD coach

PTSD coach helps you to track and manage your symptoms.

Based on the level of distress you are experiencing, this app chooses the right audio guidance, task recommendation, affirmation or quote for your symptom management.

You can choose your own ambient sounds to calm down. Rain sounds, for example, are really relaxing.

It’s primarily designed for veterans, but it is also useful for other people with PTSD, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Sober time

An app that provides you with inspirational daily quotes you can read whenever you get cravings.

It also motivates you to stay sober by counting days and how much money you saved since you got sober. When the number goes up, it gives you extra motivation to stay sober, because the higher the number, the greater the feeling!

When you are really struggling and those numbers and quotes are just not enough, you can go to a forum and interact with other people by reading their stories, talk to them or ask for help.


Apps for mental health support are tremendously useful, because most of them include various self-help and guided help methods, tasks and suggestions, so you can without a doubt find something that you relate to. These apps encourage you by motivating, support by teaching you new skills or by grounding you.

Try them out and add something new on your journey. It might just be that little extra something you need to get through!

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