Chosen Just For You: Relaxing Music to Fall Asleep and Calm Down

Do you have trouble falling asleep and don’t know what to do in with those long minutes or even hours turning in your bed? Using music to fall asleep will help! It will not only distract you from worrying, as it will also help you relax and therefore fall asleep easier.

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Should you try listening to music to help you fall asleep?

Listening to music is generally a safe and easy way to relax. If music is a big part of your life, you already know how much you. The practice and the benefits of listening to music are similar to meditation; they will help you relax, get in touch with yourself and fall asleep.

How does listening to music work to help you fall asleep?

Listening to music has a relaxing effect on your mind and your body. It distracts you from your running thoughts and takes you on a mental journey. It also affects chemicals in your brain, your heart rate, and tensions in your muscles. Music is therapeutic, healing and entertaining. Let it run through your body and let go of all the burdens that keep you from sleeping.

We chose 5 song lists for different states of mind for you. All music and songs are appropriate for everything you are experiencing, as long as you feel it suits you and relaxes you.

  1. Music for when you can’t sleep

This track is combined with relaxing music to fall asleep. The piano music is soothing, calm and soft. The distractions from the world will slowly disappear and you will be on your way to sleep land in no time.

The track is 8 hours long, so you can listen to it all night if that helps you sleep. If it could be a distraction, listen to it only until you’re ready to fall asleep.

  1. Music to stimulate relaxation in your brain

Delta waves occur in our brain during deep sleep. Listening to music with binaural beats will activate specific parts of your brain. You will experience stress reduction and deeper meditation, which will help you to sleep.

It is best to listen for 15-30 minutes. For the best effect, use stereo headphones.

  1. Music to make you feel rested

This track is also based on the binaural beats. This one is great for power naps or for a night sleep. You will wake up rested and feeling like you can do anything! Those waves affect your mind, body and your spirit.

For full effect use your headphones at a volume you feel comfortable with.

  1. Songs that will relax you

If you like popular songs with a calming vocal, this playlist is perfect for relaxation. The playlist has carefully chosen songs that will touch your mind and your body. It’s a perfect way to get on a relaxing journey with these amazing songs the will carry you to sleep.

The list is easy to use, so if you don’t like a song, you can skip it. Or if a specific song really speaks to you, you can reply it.

  1. Lullaby songs that take you to a happy place

This is the best music to fall asleep for your little ones; But don’t think it’s not for adults! These songs will take you back to your childhood times, when sleeping was so easy, so deep. The coziness of these memories will remember your body how to relax and drift into deep sleep.


Music has endless benefits on your mind and your body. It’s an easy and effective way to put your mind off your worries and to relax. Music effects on completely natural and harmless, so you can use music to fall asleep as much as you want!

There’s something magical about someone playing or singing you to sleep.

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