What We Think About Puzzle Alarm Clock: Does It Really Wake You Up?

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Once the alarm sets off, the only way to switch it off is to resolve the puzzle and that makes it the most unbearable alarm clock ever made. But it’s good at what it does- and that is, waking up! Read on to find out how this nifty little device works.

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Ever thought a puzzle could be the solution to your over sleeping problems?

There is a great alarm clock that will definitely get you up in the morning. The Puzzle Alarm Clock combines your traditional alarm clock with a puzzle.


Read further to find out about this great little gadget:

What is The Puzzle Alarm Clock?

Sliding Puzzle Alarm ClockPuzzle Alarm Clock throws out three diverse puzzle pieces when the alarm goes off each the morning and the only way to discontinue the melody is to finish the puzzle. It’s a annoying but useful way to make certain you that you are never late again.

It looks very similar to the toys that kids are required to match the shape with the correct hole for it to fit correctly. The Puzzle Alarm Clock consists of a triangle, star and hexagon blocks that are places into the base of the clock. A sound wakes you and shoots out the puzzle pieces. This assists so you don’t cheat, because no matter where you place the blocks; they will be indifferent holes when you wake up the next morning.

It’s an original little device that may provide the key for those who require some extra inspiration to get their heads off the pillow each morning. The only way to switch it off is to fix each part back into the correct place – the plan being that you will not go back sleep after you have placed the last puzzle piece in its place. Unplugging is not a choice as the clock is operated by batteries – though a sledge hammer may work, but it is not advised.

Features and Specialities of Puzzle Alarm Clock

  •  18 (L) x 11 (W) x 4 (H) cms
  • Needs 3 x AA batteries (which are not included – get them here).
  • Time available in 12 or 24 hour set-up
  • Escalating alarm clock volume

Advantages of The Puzzle Alarm Clock

This device is an alarm clock and 3-piece puzzle in one. When it’s time to depart your extremely comfortable bed each morning, you will be awoken by a pleasant melody and a puzzle that shoots out. In order to switch off the buzzing alarm, you must resolve the puzzle, placing it back on to the clock. This is the perfect clock for late sleepers. It requires you to use your perceptive skills so early in the morning, but it is a great gadget to get you out of bed.

Disadvantages The Puzzle Alarm Clock

The only drawback is that sound of the alarm clock is not as loud as it could have been. Make sure the alarm clock is not too far from your bed, so you can clearly hear it each morning.

The Puzzle Alarm Clock Review

What an innovative little device. Who knew you could play games with your alarm clock. This is a great alarm clock doe those who sleep late and want to get up on time. the cool thing about the Puzzle Alarm Clock is that fact you have to place each of the three pieces into their appropriate slots in order for the alarm to stop.

If you’re a fan of puzzles, the Puzzle Alarm Clock might be just what you require to resolve the ever baffling issue of crawling out of bed.  This is one clock that will definitely test your coordination skills early in the morning.

It might seem easy, but it’s not. It’s an excellent way to get up, as by the time you’ve located all 3 pieces of the puzzle and resolved it, you’ll be awake in no time and ready for the day ahead.


The Puzzle Alarm Clock will truly test you in the morning. Waking up is difficult enough, but having to wake up and resolve a puzzle can be unrelenting. However, you don’t have an option. Once the alarm sets off, the only way to switch it off is to resolve the puzzle. This could be the most unbearable alarm clock ever made. Its battery controlled so you can’t even slash the cable at 6:00 AM when you can’t place the puzzle together to discontinue the continuous buzzing. However, this clock is definitely worth it. If it gets you out of bed in the morning, then the Puzzle Alarm Clock should definitely be on your wish list.

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