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The gun works only as a snooze button, so you can’t just hit the target and then fall back asleep. This is a nice giftable gadget that will definitely get you out of bed in no time – we love it here at NGU headquarters!

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Lock N load Gun alarm clock target alarm clock creative clock - BlackWaking up early is no one’s favorite thing to do in the morning. But, believe it or not, waking up early can be very positive to you and your health. People don’t often think like that, unless they tried and experienced all the benefits. Waking up only an hour earlier than you do, can give you an extra time for exercising and creativity. You can do all the things you love, to recreate yourself and then start with your work. People are much more productive during the whole day, only when they get up earlier. Let’s see one perfect way that can help you get up much earlier than you usually do.

Have you ever heard about target alarm clock? Or are you looking to buy a magical alarm clock? Well,the target alarm clock it is one very cool product that will make your mornings much easier. It is an alarm clock suitable for the whole family. The sounds of the device are customizable, so it is up to you to choose your desired sound. It is very easy to use, practical and fun. Yes, you read that right. We know that there is nothing fun about alarm clocks, but this one is different. The target alarm clock can make your waking up much more fun and interesting.

Once you set up this alarm clock and it starts to ring, you need to aim at it and shoot it to turn it off. Otherwise it won’t turn off. Who doesn’t want to shoot the alarm clock in the morning? We all do. Although there are two ways to turn off the alarm – shooting at it or just simply turning it off. Another interesting thing about the target alarm clock is that you can record your own voice and make it play as your alarm. It is interesting for adults and for kids as well.

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This kind of alarm is way funnier than waking up with some annoying sounds. Also it has interesting games on it to play. This alarm is maybe the most effective way to wake your kids up to go to school everyday. They will be so excited to get up, because they know what’s expecting them. Shooting at the alarm clock. The gun only works as a snooze button. So after you shoot at it, you need to get up and physically turn it off.

Laser Target Gun Alarm Turning off an alarm clock is the most boring thing. But with the target alarm clock it won’t be boring ever again. You and your family will always be on time, everywhere. When you first hear your alarm clock, you must grab the gun and shoot at it. The gun is perfect. You don’t need to shoot more than once to hit the target. But as we mentioned the gun only works as a snooze button. It is a high quality product and it has very low and acceptable price.

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But there are a few weaknesses that people complain about. A lot of people complain because the target alarm clock is battery operated. It requires 4 AA batteries and you need to change them every 3 – 4 weeks. When the batteries start to die, the target alarm clock can make some unpleasant noises. But this can be avoided by replacing the old batteries with new ones – you can get an inexpensive pack of high-quality batteries right here. Some of the users are not really satisfied of the design and the shipping. But most of them are. The shipping options depend from the country you live in. It is very normal that the delivery won’t be the same in every country. Other users say that the design is very poor and that they expected a lot more.

Others say that it is very complicated to adjust the settings, to turn off the alarm and to replace the batteries. All these issues are not that bad. All of them can be fixed with reading all the instructions carefully. As far as the battery running is concerned, maybe you can ask for some rechargeable batteries. When they get empty, just put them in the recharger and within a few hours they will be ready to use.

Overall, the target alarm clock is probably the best alarm you can have. Every product has its own pros and cons, but as long as the users are satisfied, we highly recommend you to buy and use this alarm. When you get it, make sure that you read all the instructions, put the batteries on and do exactly what the instructions say.  Be aware that the gun is only like a snooze button, which is positive, because in order to turn it off you need to get up. The target alarm clock is an amazing product that will have great results in making you and your family always be on time.

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