The End of Waking Up Tired: Start Your Day Energized After a Good Night of Sleep

Do you keep waking up tired and can’t get that much needed rest? Morning tiredness can be frustrating since you can’t force yourself to get rested enough. Fortunately, there are many ways to increase your chances of waking up rested. The best way is to recognize the cause of your tiredness and address it directly.

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How can you do this?

This article will help you find out what causes you to wake up tired. Think about the stressful factors in your life and how you could change them. Here we discuss possible causes and provide tips for you, so that you’ll be able to find something that suits you.

How do these changes work?

When you change your lifestyle habits, after some time your body starts to function differently. For example, if you lower your stress, your sleep quality will be better and, with time, you will wake up more refreshed.

1. Going to bed at the right time

One of the most common misconceptions about the quality of sleep is that we should go to bed before 10 p.m. This is absolutely something that could work, but not for everyone. You have to listen to your body. Are you a morning person? What kind of schedule you have? If you feel better on weekends, when you even go to bed later and sleep longer hours, this is probably the best sleep schedule for you.

Find out what works for you and then stick to it! What’s crucial is to have a routine and go to sleep at the same time every night. Inconsistent sleep routine and wrong sleeping hours can be a factor for waking up tired.

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2. Staying in bed for too long

Do you like to stay in your warm cozy bed for hours in the morning? This may feel comfortable, but can actually make you more tired. Take a few minutes to wake up peacefully, but then get up. If you like slow and easy mornings, you can still do that, but start moving early on.

Moving will make your body wake up. Light exercise or a good morning stretch will help your energy to start flowing through the body. It also helps to drink a glass of water and eat an energetic breakfast.

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3. The length of sleep

If you don’t sleep long enough or if you sleep too much, this could affect your energy levels. When you sleep, your blood circulation slows, which results in not getting much oxygen and nutrition to your brain cells. The reduced activity of your muscles makes you weak and tired.

Daily naps can also affect your energy levels and night of sleep. Avoid waking up tired by getting 7-8 hours of sleep straight. Of course adjust the hours to your needs, medical conditions and circumstances.

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4. You don’t get a quality sleep

You keep waking up tired when you don’t get into deep sleep. There are many factors that prevent you to do so, such as electronics, room temperature, and light, going to bed hungry or too full. Be aware of your evening habits and your room environment that could affect your sleep.

Click here to learn more about how to get into deep sleep!

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5. Activities during the day matter

It’s not only the evening routine and night time that affect your sleep. Things like getting enough exercise, too much stress, and poor nutrition can affect your quality of sleep. To prevent feeling tired during the day and waking up tired again next morning, take a look at your lifestyle choices.

You can fight fatigue with daily relaxation, taking frequent breaks, eating quality food, staying hydrated and with light exercise.

Avoid smoking, caffeine, too much sugar, and processed foods. They can give you a quick energy boost but will exhaust your body in the long run.

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6. Check your health

Sleep problems and tiredness could be a symptom of some conditions and diseases. Most common are thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and diabetes. Some medication’s side effects can also make you tired. In that case, talk to your doctor to find the causes and solutions!

You can also make lifestyle changes to improve some conditions and diseases, such as dietary changes, taking supplements and proper exercise. This is not a substitute for your medication, only an addition for you to feel better. To be safe, do talk to your doctor about it first!

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Extra tips

For extra precaution to avoid waking up tired, a few minutes before falling asleep and after waking up can make a huge difference. Take 5-15 minutes to relax your body and take deep breaths. This will help you fall asleep and to wake you up slowly in the morning. You will get enough oxygen and get in touch with your body before and after a long stressful day.


Not getting enough sleep or getting too much sleep, and still waking up tired, can be a real burden. There are many causes for feeling tired, but so are the solutions. Consider our tips when you look into your lifestyle habits and experiment with the solutions. Small changes can make you feel like you’re on the top of the world!

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