What Are the Easiest Things You can Do To Do To Fall Asleep?

Christian Domingues


It sucks when you need to get some rest, but can’t seem to fall asleep. Inadequate sleep can crank your mood and dampen your creativity and energy levels throughout the day. It could even affect your ability to concentrate. What are the things to help you fall asleep?

Are you sleep-deprived?

It’s essential to get a good night’s rest to maintain a good level of health and fitness. Experts say that having anything less than 7 hours of sleep at night amounts to Sleep deprivation.

However, there are times when you just can’t seem to fall asleep.

When that happens, it could be very frustrating, especially because it seems like you’ve done everything you should, but can’t get yourself to drift off.

Things to help you fall asleep

If you ever have trouble falling asleep at night and run out of ideas, here are 10 simple things to do that might get you snoozing in no time.

I’ve tried these 8 tips myself, and I can tell you that they absolutely work!

Check below for more; try them out, and all the best!

Take a Bath 

Can’t fall asleep? Try taking your bath!

Having a bath helps to lower your body temperature and make you feel more comfortable. Being comfortable can put you in a more relaxed state to help you to fall asleep faster.

I would recommend a cold shower if the weather would allow it. Else, try having a warm bath, then put on comfortable clothes and hit the bed!

Forget about your Clock 

Constantly checking the time is one of the most counter-productive things you could do when you’re trying to catch some sleep.

That’s because it gets you worried – something you really want to avoid when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Looking at the clock does you no good, so simply stop doing it!

Use relaxing Music

Soothing music can help you sleep faster and for longer when played at night. You don’t need anything to fancy, a song with a slow and repetitive rhythm will do.

The trick is to play the song at the right volume – just barely loud enough. If you use a sound system in your room, you could place both speakers on either side of your bed.

Do some Daytime Exercises

Exercising, or maintaining high levels of physical activities in the day can make you sleep better and longer at night.

If you haven’t ever considered taking up a sport as a hobby, now might be the time. When you exercise you expend huge amounts of energy and tire yourself out.  

There are many exercises you could do to beat your insomnia. One activity we would recommend is running. Taking short runs during the day is a good place to start.

Throw your Coffee cans out!

This is a no-brainer. Coffee contains caffeine – which contains chemicals that specifically prevent you from sleeping. Try to avoid coffee drinks during the day and before you go to sleep.

Think happy thoughts

bruce mars

Thinking about someone you love or something that makes you happy could make you feel relaxed enough to finally drift off to a sound sleep.

How does it work?

Firstly, it’s a great way to distract yourself the fact that you haven’t slept yet, and also prevents you from looking at the clock too often – Two things that don’t let you get any sleep at all.

Secondly, happy thoughts cause your body to secrete more Endorphin – a feel-good hormone that also aids relaxation and a feeling of contentment.

One great way to do it is to go down memory lane – think about past, pleasant events that happened in your life and how happy they made you feel.

Your eyelids might start to flutter without you knowing it.

Also, shut out any negative thoughts that might try to creep up on you while you do so.

Read something uninteresting

Leah Kelley

Reading a book about a topic you have zero interest in could is a great way to bore yourself to sleep.

Choose a book that is about nothing spectacular and force yourself to read through the pages, line by line.

Scanning through pages will tire your eyes out eventually. When you start to feel drowsy, just let yourself go.

Lower your room temperature

Thinking about things to help you fall asleep properly: your body needs to be in a very relaxed condition. Sleeping in a hot environment can make you feel uncomfortable and even stressed – two things you’ll want to avoid if you’re trying to catch some sleep.

Why not put your air conditioning to good use?

It’s a great idea to lower the temperature of the AC but not make it too cold. After all, you’re not trying to get pneumonia!

Find a temperature that feels just right, lie still and allow yourself to relax. You’ll eventually drift off to sleep.


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